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3 Expert Tips for Achieving Hypergrowth in Online Marketing

More than 40 percent of the world’s population is now online. As that number grows exponentially, so do the success metrics for consumer startups. Investor Chris Dixon famously blogged that “10 million is the new one million” when it comes to user numbers.

However getting users is more difficult than ever, with multiple devices, operating systems and screens competing for people’s increasingly fragmented attention. It can feel impossible for a young startup to thrive when you couple that with incumbents like Facebook and Twitter that can well afford to spend lavishly on user acquisition ads and incentives.\

Enter Maud Pasturaud, a startup vet who has helped grow commerce companies like Gilt Group and new mobile powerhouse Secret. She is an expert on growth and has three vital tips to hitting it big.

1. Make sure you have growth before you engineer hypergrowth.

Before working on growth, make sure you actually have product-market fit. It sounds trivial, but Pasturaund has seen a lot of startups trying to scale with a product that isn’t ready. Answer these questions before you try to scale:

Is your product’s value validated by users?

Are you seeing high enough retention?

Is your product’s value sustainable, both in the eyes users/customers, and given market conditions?

Is the audience you are targeting large enough?

If the answer to all of those questions is “yes” (you’ll find more useful checkpoints here) you have built a product that people want and can transition to Growth initiatives. If you don’t, iterate on your product until it delivers sustainable value to a specific set of users; there’s no point wasting time optimizing the upper funnel.

For the full list, visit Entrepreneur.

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