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3 Often-Ignored Aspects of Content Marketing

3 Often-Ignored Aspects of Content Marketing
3 Often-Ignored Aspects of Content Marketing
3 Often-Ignored Aspects of Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing we’ve moved from questions like, “Is it effective?” to “How to enhance the deliverability of content marketing?”

With 77 percent of B2C marketers and 86 percent B2B marketers using content marketing, there is absolutely no doubt about the huge role this marketing technique plays in driving brand awareness and customer engagement.

But one of the problems content marketers face is that content marketing is a comprehensive field with a truckload of intricacies; it is also labor intensive and time consuming. What’s more, it does not deliver results in a hurry.

No prizes for guessing that marketers who are using the production and distribution of content to enhance brand visibility are a harried lot. As a content marketer, I can attest to the fact that it’s difficult to get on top of each and every activity that is a part of content marketing.

There are some activities that will come naturally to you as a content marketer, while there are others you need to remember. Many a times, it is these ‘others’ that decide the fate of your content marketing campaign. These are factors that give your content marketing strategy the added impetus it needs, to deliver the returns you are looking for.

At times, content marketers tend to ignore these aspects thinking they are unimportant in the scheme of things. You ignore them at your peril.

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Let’s take a look at three important aspects of content marketing that, I think, often get overlooked:

1. Getting inspired.

There are some big brands out there generating tremendous returns from their content marketing campaign. Make it a point to learn from them. You might have your content marketing strategy all worked out, but it makes sense to check how it matches up with the strategies implemented by other businesses, especially your competitors. You might come across a particular tactic that is paying them rich dividends and which you should be using as well.

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