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8 Time-Saving Tricks for Hootsuite Users


HootsuiteWith more than 10 million users, Hootsuite is the most widely used social media management tool. The tool saves community managers much time with features that streamline the process of keeping social accounts up to date. For time-crunched public library marketers, this can make a huge difference.

But what if you could save even more time by streamlining the process even further?

Hootsuite packs a lot of functionality into its tool – more than we need at first. But as you become more comfortable using it, you’ll discover shortcuts that can save you hours of work. Here are eight features worth incorporating into your routine.

1.Monitor Your Blog Shares

If you want to track every retweet or mention of your new blog post, create a new stream and use your blog post’s full URL as the search term. This enables you to interact quickly with each tweet or post. It’s also useful for tracking your success.

2.Suggested Content (available in the Pro upgrade only)

To be successful on Twitter, you have to curate content. But it can take a lot of time to read through hundreds of tweets and select the ones your readers will find most interesting. Hootsuite’s new Suggested Content feature greatly simplifies and streamlines this task. Currently in beta, this feature analyzes your tweets and suggests content, which it then schedules for the upcoming week. Simply review, edit, and confirm, and you’re set to go. This is a premium feature, however, and you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro version to take advantage. But the time savings along with several other worthwhile Pro features make the upgrade an investment worth considering.

3.Send to Storify

If you’ve participated in Tweetchats, you’re probably already familiar with Storify. This tool curates tweets and posts about a topic or event and enables users to build a story or transcript to share with fans and followers. Hootsuite offers a growing directory of apps that integrate with the service. Install the free Storify app to create your story directly from Hootsuite, reducing the need to jump back and forth between services.

4.Filter Streams

This feature helps you hone in on the tweets and posts that matter to you. Click on the down arrow in the top right corner of any stream, and select “Filter by….” Choose keyword and type any word or hashtag you might be following. Only the tweets and posts containing this word will appear, making it easy for you to retweet, reply with a comment or add to a Storify. There’s also an option (only available to Pro users) to filter by Klout score. This is particularly useful for identifying and responding to influencers and a great way to boost your own Klout score.

6. Syndicate Blog RSS Feeds

You can also use Hootsuite to keep your social networks up to date with your latest blog posts or others that might be relevant. Simply use the RSS/Atom feature to add new feeds. You can also create standard text to appear in front of the tweet, such as “New blog post” or “Upcoming events.”

7. Bulk upload of tweets

Scheduling a week’s worth of posts can be onerous if you’re setting each up individually. But fortunately, Hootsuite offers the ability to upload up to 350 messages at a time from a CSV file. Social media expert Chris Brogan explains the process very clearly in this video.

8. View Calendar (available in the Pro upgrade only)

There are times when you want to see what you have scheduled at a glance, and the Calendar View allows you to do just that. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows you to quickly re-arrange your tweets, scheduling some earlier or moving others to another day.

These are just a few of the many Hootsuite time-saving features. If you’re using another social media management tool, such as SproutSocial or Buffer, keep a watch on this blog. Sometime in the near future, we’ll post tips for these services too!

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