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LEGO Programs at the Library

This year will science will be a hot topic for summer reading programs. Libraries planning a science-themed summer reading program might want to include one of the hottest library trends: LEGO and Robotics. Programming around these ideas is already popular in many libraries, and librarians can look to these established programs to get ideas for…


Library Journal

Round of Elections Means Change at the Top for Major Library Orgs

In elections ending in April, three of the country’s major library organizations—the American Library Association (ALA), Public Library Association (PLA), and Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)—selected new leaders for the coming years. On May 2, ALA announced that Cuyahoga County executive director Sari Feldman beat out University of Wyoming dean of libraries for…



Americans Still Care About Their Public Libraries

It’s the age of the Internet and of budget cuts. But the vast majority of respondents in a recent Pew study said that, were their local library to close, it would be sorely missed. The public library in my hometown has been closed and undergoing reconstruction since 2011. This hasn’t much affected me, because somewhere…


library funding

Why We Absolutely Need To Care More About Library Funding

There’s plenty for Republicans and Democrats to hate in the so-called Paul Ryan budget the House passed earlier this month: raising the age requirement for Social Security, privatizing Medicare, cuts to Medicaid, and charging interest on student loans while students are still in school. Even some Republicans thought it went too far–if only for purely…