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6 Tips For Holding A Successful Marketing Event

You’ve set the date. You’ve booked the venue. Now all you need is to get people to show up. Anxious? Maybe just a little? Well, don’t be. Marketers are scheduled to spend over 540 billion dollars worldwide on advertising this year, so your department should have a few dollars lying around to use for an…


15 Marketing Experts to Follow on Social Media

There is no shortage of marketing advice, or marketers, on social media. Indeed, it often seems that on Twitter everyone is a marketing expert (or has something they want to market or sell). So who can you turn to, or follow, on Twitter (and elsewhere) for trustworthy online marketing advice that can help you better…



Beginners Guide’s to Social Media Marketing

If you are not currently using social media to market your business, there has never been a better time to get started than now. As of today, there are over 1 billion active users on social media…which equates to endless opportunities for you to extend your business reach online and get your brand in front…


19 Reasons to Include Visual Content

Pretty pictures are the best. But you know who likes them even more than your readers, leads, and customers? Marketers. Well they should, anyway, because marketers who are embracing visual content are seeing huge returns in terms of, well, more readers, leads, and customers. Oh, also revenue. Not a bad setup. Whether you’re already a…


Social Media Marketing Predictions

The many hundreds of platforms used for socializing online have brought a lot of change in online interaction. So if there is one thing we need to know is, it is about what the future will be bringing. Here are our top 3 predictions about how social media is going to give us a few…


Content Marketing Tips: Image Rules For The Top 7 Social Networks

In the 80′s a revolution happened But when it started no-one knew it was going to change the world forever. The IBM personal computer had just hit the streets. The computer manufacturers didn’t take much thought on this small blip on the computer event horizon. 10 years later many of them were going out of…