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PODCAST: Tell Your Brand Story in Just Six Seconds: Bill Fasig on Marketing Smarts

Bill Fasig, chief operating officer and managing partner at TopRight Partners. This marketing podcast was created and published by MarketingProfs.

Bill Fasig is chief operating officer and managing partner at TopRight Partners. Previously, Bill was president and chief executive officer of GameTech International, senior vice-president of worldwide marketing and corporate affairs for VeriSign, and vice-president of global communications at Compaq. He was also chairman and managing director of the technology practice of Burson-Marsteller/Young & Rubicam, and held various management roles during his 10 years at Apple.

I invited Bill to Marketing Smarts to discuss the “six-second brand story,” and how distilling your company’s narrative down to its essence makes your marketing—and your organization—work more effectively.

Read more and listen to the full podcast at (You will need to register as a MarketingProfs member, but don’t worry, registration is easy and FREE!)

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