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PODCAST – Use Storytelling to Enhance Your Marketing: Ron Ploof on Marketing Smarts

Ron Ploof, story consultant for brands, creator of the StoryHow Pitch Deck, and host of storytelling podcast Griddlecakes Radio. To learn more, visit and be sure to follow Ron on Twitter @RonPloof. This marketing podcast was created and published by MarketingProfs.

Some people are calling storytelling the latest thing in marketing, but it’s actually been around for centuries. From the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, we’ve all been transported by the power of an irresistible story.

The best marketing sparks some emotion in the target audience: By infusing your marketing content with compelling narratives, you can make your brand story a tale of triumph that your audience wants to be part of.

Enter Ron Ploof. Ron spent three years heading up social media storytelling at Epson before going out on his own to help brands to create more effective marketing through storytelling. He’s the creator of the “StoryHow PitchDeck“—a “story coach in your pocket”—and conducts storytelling workshops for brands. Ron’s also the host of “Griddlecakes Radio,” an indie storytelling podcast.

Read more and listen to the full podcast at (You will need to register as a MarketingProfs member, but don’t worry, registration is easy and FREE!)

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