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Snapshot Day 2014: Get Social!

The goal of this year’s Snapshot Day on October 1, 2014 is to highlight the role of libraries in communities across the state – but instead of using numbers, we want you to use pictures and videos.

Snapshot Day won’t be confined to just one day this year, but the entire month of October. We challenge NJ libraries to surprise the world with what we have to offer and what makes us unique — show that NJ Libraries are in the forefront and on the edge. Post once, post once a week – or post every day!

We have simplified Snapshot Day – there’s no form to fill out to participate! Just post to our Facebook page ( with the following hashtags:






Here are three things that you can to do in preparation for Snapshot Day:

Get your social media accounts in order

  • Like the official NJ Snapshot Day Facebook page –
  • Find and follow your federal and state legislators, your mayors, local press and local organizations (The list of our state representatives and their facebook /twitter is here.)
  • If your library doesn’t have a social media presence, now is the time to start one. You’ll be surprised who starts following you! If you don’t remember how to upload photos and videos to social media sites, take a few minutes to review.

Reach out and advocate

Much of what will make Snapshot Day a success for your library is reaching out and connecting with your community. Everything in NJ is local, use this opportunity to get feedback and make new connections that will help down the road.

  • Send out a media advisory now (Find a sample from ALA here)! If you’re planning something big for October 1st – or anytime that month – let the local media know so they can carry your story further.
  • Invite local stakeholders into the library on October 1st, even for a casual visit. Show them what the library has been up to and how the community is using it.
  • Make sure to talk about Snapshot Day with your staff. Front-line staffers are often the best source of information for what patrons are talking about and what’s going on in the community.

Last minute details

We’re almost there! Take care of the last-minutes details so posting and promotion can run smoothly. Make sure to remind staff what’s going on, and post Snapshot Day fliers and comment cards at service desks around your library.

  • Do you have enough batteries for your camera or video camera?
  • Don’t forget to print out photo releases, if required by your library.
  • Do day-before press outreach – remind them about Snapshot Day and all the photo opps at your library!

.. and if you are going to participate, let us know by posting on our Snapshot Day Facebook page. We may surprise you and stop by for a visit!