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NJ Food for Thought Campaign: Spread the word about summer meals!

Food For ThoughtWe are a partner in the NJ Food for Thought Campaign, which is launching a campaign to spread the word to parents about summer meals in their communities. Tens of thousands of NJ kids rely on school meals during the academic year. Yet, just 19 percent of these same kids get summer meals, increasing the chance that they will go hungry in the summer, as family budgets are stretched tight.

The campaign is set to launch on June 12 with a Thunderclap — a simple tool that allows all of us to post the same message on our personal social media feeds at the same exact time to amplify our message and extend our reach. You must sign up individually in advance. It will automatically post just one message to your social media feed on June 12. Please sign up now. It’s easy to do and takes just a minute! Here’s how:

  1. Go to our Thunderclap page. Click Support with Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr (or all three!)
  2. It will ask you to authorize access to your social media contacts. Don’t worry! They just do this to get a count of potential people who will view our post. They don’t contact your friends or in any way share the info. Learn more about Thunderclap.
  3. After you have authorized, you will be listed as a supporter and our one message will be automatically posted to your feed. You’ll also see a button where you can invite your social media friends/followers to join our Thunderclap. Again, very easy. Just click and write a brief message.

Thanks for helping New Jersey children get the summertime nutrition they need to return to school healthy and ready to learn in September. Questions? Comments? Please contact Nancy Parello at

For any questions about New Jersey State Library Youth Services, contact:

Sharon Rawlins, MLS, Youth Services Specialist for Lifelong Learning, CSLP 2016-2017 President

609-278-2640 ext. 116 – phone

609-278-2650 – fax



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